CST VisAcT human scan

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CellSight's lead PET tracer, VisAcT, images activated T cells - VisAcT PET scan early in the treatment cycle can help determine whether a patient's immune system is responding appropriately to their immunotherapy regimen. VisAcT PET scans will provide clinicians with actionable data to set the best course of action for the patient to ensure appropriate immune response thereby increasing immunotherapy efficacy. Currently, Fludeoxyglucose (FDG) PET scan is the gold standard to help stage cancer patients but [18F]-FDG PET scan is not helpful when trying to determine early if a patient is responding to immunotherapy. What's needed is a way to visualize the patient's immune reaction to determine early if an immunotherapy regimen is working as therapies may take weeks or months to show clinical benefit. Cellsight's suite of immune targeted PET tracers leverage existing PET scanner technology but provides valuable information on the patient's immune response.


CST VisAcT murine scan

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Development of immunotherapies as with drug development in general is expensive with very low yield. The number of potential candidates can get exponentially high as immunotherapies are combined with other novel and conventional treatments. Imaging tools that allow therapy developers to determine early if a therapy is working and just as important when it's not working can help narrow down the development pipeline. Preclinical and clinical imaging tools that show immune response can provide valuable data during development and validation of the therapies. CellSight's immune response specific PET tracers can be used from preclinical murine models with microPET to clinical models with clinical PET. The lead tracer VisAcT is specific to activated T cells therefore it is independent of the type of immunotherapy or combination of therapies. Activated T cells are a key component of any immune modulated therapies so VisAcT scans can help determine if the therapy is leading to the key step in immune response.

CellSight welcomes opportunities to partner with immunotherapy companies to integrate imaging during therapy development and clinical deployment.